As the industry pioneer, Constance LifeSciences is setting new standards for Medical Cannabis

Constance LifeSciences is the Canadian holding company of U.S.-based Constance Therapeutics.

Constance Therapeutics has created a new category of full spectrum extracts that fill the gap between traditional pharmaceuticals and common hemp and cannabis products, providing physicians and their patients with much needed additional treatment options.

We are the premier national physician medicinal hemp and cannabis brand. We provide proprietary researched and standardized hemp and cannabis extract formulations to CBD-only producing licensees globally.

Our group affiliates are fully licensed vertically integrated medicinal cannabis and hemp companies that manufacture and sell standardized and science-based full spectrum cannabis and hemp extracts in a full line of medicinal and consumer-oriented products.


What is the difference between Constance LifeSciences cannabis extracts and other cannabis oils on the market?

Constance LifeSciences produces whole plant cannabis extracts as part of an integrative approach to treatment; this is the Constance Therapeutics difference. We provide physicians and their patients with expanded treatment options in cases where only pharmaceuticals may have been prescribed in the past.


Standard Operating Procedures and Laboratory Features

Constance LifeSciences was the first cannabis extraction producer to be awarded a manufacturing permit in the city of San Francisco, California. The company has implemented extensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and is currently implementing internationally accepted standards for pharmaceutical companies (ISO 9000). We adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), as well as modern herbalist principles.


Sustainable, Terroir-Driven Farming

Our whole plant cannabis extracts are obtained from only raw materials with known and controlled genetics that have been sustainably grown. Our farmers  ascribe to the terroir philosophy. Constance LifeSciences continuously verifies that all collaborative farmers maintain the approved growing methodology as mandated by the company. Those farmer processes are checked through unannounced site visits and third party testing of the cannabis plants.


Tightly Controlled, Patent-Pending Process

Constance LifeSciences’ tightly controlled, quantitatively-defined and patent-pending extraction method, which only uses pharmaceutical grade, certified-organic ethanol, is based on scientific and engineering principles.


Laboratory Testing

Constance LifeSciences is dedicated to producing consistent extracts of the highest quality. Each lot of extracts is third party tested and cross-tested at the industry’s most respected laboratories, including Excelsior Analytics. We test for cannabinoid profile (potency), pesticides, residual solvents, microbial contamination and aflatoxins.


Whole Plant Cannabis Therapeutics

Constance LifeSciences’ products are based on modern herbalist principles of synergy between plant compounds and scientific research. This is known as “The Entourage Effect” theory, which shows that whole plant cannabis extracts from the female cannabis plant (not hemp) are more effective than isolated compounds, such as CBD only.

Real research. Real cannabis.
Real options for patients and doctors.

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